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Welcome to the Nanofabrication Lab

We provide access to our world-class facilities and staff while offering the most progressive IP policy in academia.

The Nanofabrication Laboratory saves companies the expense of maintaining their own state-of-the-art equipment.

These engineered films have great potential for energy harvesting applications, MEMS, micro actuators, and sensors for a variety of miniaturized systems.

Lab space within the 9,500 sq. ft. Nanofab Cleanroom (Class 1000 / 100)

Controlling the optical behavior of molecules near the vicinity of noble metal nanoparticles

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Nanofab in the News

New IBE QuaZar System: The newly installed Plasma-Therm IBE system will bring  enhanced etching capabilities to the MRI Nanofab.  The system is an Ion Beam Etch system which uses an Ar plasma to etch material.  The system allows for the control of the feature profile and etch uniformity across a 200 mm  substrate using advanced stage tilt and rotation during the etching process. In addition, the process can eliminate the redeposition of etched material on the sidewall of the features, thus eliminating the “fencing” effect that is common when etching nonvolatile materials, when using the more conventional plasma etch processes.  Read more ⇒

New Heidelberg MLA150 Direct Write Exposure Tool: The Nanofab is excited to announce a new lithography exposure tool. The MLA 150 is a non-contact, high-speed, direct-write lithography tool. It can expose patterns directly without prior fabrication of a mask resulting in significantly shorter prototyping cycles. It offers topside alignment and backside alignment with high accuracy, and a 405 nm wavelength light source which generates sufficient dose to expose thick and less sensitive resists. The sample size range allowed on the MLA 150 are 5 mm X 5 mm to 150 mm X 150 mm with substrate thickness range from 100 µm to 6 mm. The MLA 150 provides for flexible change of pattern, distortion compensation and other software corrections. The unique Draw-Mode allows the user to use the overhead camera to directly draw structures on the image, then directly write the structures.  Read more ⇒

Customer Quotes

Knowledgeable and professional staff tweaked processing conditions to transform an idea into a sellable product”

Lucille A. Giannuzzi, PhD, President, EXpressLO LLC

The Nanofabrication Laboratory at the Pennsylvania State University is one of the best facilities in the state for conducting research and developing prototypes. While there, I have designed and fabricated a variety of biomedical sensors for detection and monitoring of health and environmental conditions. The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a highly dedicated and knowledgeable staff.

Michel M.A. Francois, PhD, Process Engineering Manager Duet Microelectronics Inc.

Using the PSU nanofab, we have avoided millions of dollars in capital expenses, saving precious capital and extending our runway.  For a startup company, that's a big deal.  The Nanofab staff is capable and ready to help; they bailed us out of a difficult situation more than once.

We have been using the fabrication facilities at Penn State to build and characterize our development  devices for five  years.  The equipment is well maintained by a knowledgeable, capable, and helpful staff so its ready when we are.  We've saved millions in capital and operational expenditures; more importantly, we saved precious time.  Great job, keep it up!

Joe Marcanio, Owner & CEO, Marcanio Co., Greensburg, PA

Nanovus is successful at the Penn State Nanofab because the world class facility is well maintain by a professional dedicated staff.  There are baseline recipes for all of the equipment and the staff actively provides technical support on the equipment and process flow.  The Nanofab is complemented by the professionally staffed, full characterization suite in the same building.  I have not found the the breadth or depth of abilities anywhere else.

Mike Rogosky, Owner, Navous, Lancaster, PA