Wes Auker

Wes Auker



What drives me is my desire to explore, whether that be running a 10k in unfamiliar territory, nanoscale imaging techniques, or new ways to probe the invisible world. I also have a passion for educating and exciting others about science & technology.

My Work

I am truly excited to come to work everyday because of the sense of impact and the dynamic challenges within my job. On any given day at work I am educating students on the interaction between energy and matter. As staff members of MCL we have access to world-class characterization techniques and apply them to the analysis of a range of disciplines including archaeology, materials science, entomology, molecular biology, chemical engineering, structural engineering, device physics and more. Everyday brings a new challenge and by the end of it our collective understanding of the world expands, resulting in real impact.


A.A.S., Electronics Engineering Technology
A.A.S., Electronic Communication Systems



Contact Info

Office: N-005 MSC
Phone: 1-814-863-4408
Email: wua101@psu.edu