Trevor Clark

Trevor Clark


Group Leader, SEM/FIB


Trevor was born and raised in Brooklyn and has been at Penn State for 11 years.  After earning a Stanford Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, he helped ExxonMobil improve Mobil 1 as a post-doc at their Corporate Strategic Research Laboratory.  For his doctoral work, he worked on enhancing computer hard drives by making small changes in their internal structure as observed via transmission electron microscopy (TEM).  Now at PSU, he uses electron and ion microscopy to answer critical questions in broad areas (e.g., landing gear, electronics and biology).  He also leads the scanning electron and ion microscopy team as they strive to help our clients answer their questions with a smile. 


PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford


FIB, TEM, SEM, EBSD, Sample Prep


Trevor uses electron microscopes, high-throughput automation and strong computer skills to quickly solve critical technological problems.  His collaborators are often inspired just by watching him work. Two of his goals are: 1) Can he perform the right analysis in <15 minutes and 2) report the results in less than 50 words.

Fun Facts

I enjoy spending time with my wife and 7 kids.  Outside of the lab, I enjoy reading to my kids, biking to work year-round, repairing appliances and plumbing for his family and neighbors. You can also find me in my vegetable garden in the spring and summer.

Contact Info

Office: N-002 MSC
Phone: 1-814-865-8476