Jeff Shallenberger

Jeff Shallenberger

Associate Director, MCL

MCL Associate Director


Technical professional with 20+ years of materials characterization experience including 15 years of managerial experience leading diverse teams in both industry and academia. Extensive experience managing PhD scientists in surface chemistry, electron microscopy and trace elemental analysis labs.

In my work I have enjoyed solving challenging analytical problems for wide ranging industries including: medical device, semiconductor, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical and energy. This required a broad knowledge of more than 30 analytical tools as well as the ability to design experiments to prove or disprove a given hypothesis. These challenges span everything from product development to failure analysis to litigation support.

A common theme on all positions was financial responsibility, management of technical staff, technical output and customer interaction of multi-million-dollar business units.


The Materials Characterization Lab at Penn State serves the analytical needs of the university and external partners. It has a professional staff of over 20 and is housed in the Millennium Science Complex- a world class research space. MCL offers surface analysis (TOF-SIMS, XPS and Auger), microscopy (TEM, SEM, FIB), x-ray scattering (XRD/SAXS), molecular spectroscopy (Raman, FTIR and UV-Vis) as well as a range of physical property measurements.


MS, The Pennsylvania State University
BS, The Pennsylvania State University


Materials Science, Characterization, Spectroscopy, AFM

Fun Facts

I have four (yes 4) kids and enjoy skiing, fishing, mountain biking, hiking and cooking. I am originally from Pittsburgh and have moved to State College four times including undergrad, grad school and 2 stints at MRI/MCL.

Contact Info

Office: N-151 MSC
Phone: 1-814-863-1994