Gino Tambourine

Gino Tambourine

X-Ray Scattering

X-Ray Scattering


Hello there my name is Gino Tambourine I studied Forensic Science at Penn State. I then had an internship with Restek Corporation in the summer of 2012. Restek is a local chromatography company; the focus of my internship was in gas chromatography.  In the beginning of 2013, I joined the Materials Research Institute in the Materials Characterization Lab.  In my free time I enjoy baseball and shooting sporting clays with my father and friends.                   


I have had the pleasure to work with people that have called me passionate. I do not know what their definition of passion looks like, but to put it simply, my passion is to try to master the instruments and the data interpretation that goes with them.

What Excites Me?

On occasion, people like to talk about their work and the best parts of it.  My favorite part about what I do is that, at any given time, I am involved in multiple different projects. This gives me the opportunity to open my eyes to new experiences and challenges faced by researchers and companies. Sometimes this means identifying an unknown manufacturing problem.  It could also mean that the company needs to understand why the material work so well.  All of these projects excite me as I gain a higher level of understanding of materials characterization.

Day to day

A common day for me starts with maintaining a few transmission electron microscopes. I am heavily involved in the implementation of safety protocols in a variety of MCL lab spaces.  Beyond safety, x-ray instruments get their weekly intensity and alignment tests. My primary job, and one that gives me a lot of satisfaction, is instrument training sessions for users of all levels.  Most of my time is spent teaching or assisting the user base in the x-ray scattering and molecular spectroscopy labs.

Contact Info

N-043 MSC