Bob Hengstebeck

Bob Hengstebeck

Surface Science


I am happy to have returned to the Penn State MCL staff as a Staff Scientist.  I was part of the MCL staff from 2004 through 2006 supporting surface science characterization of inorganic materials.   In the intervening 15 years, I have held several roles supporting industry in the characterization of semiconductors, thin film, technical coatings, aerospace, and medical devices.

I have been fortunate in my industrial experience to have been with two companies that did have a broad availability of instrumentation and technique specialists.  I have been fortunate to learn and develop methods while working with some of the established pioneers in techniques such as PCOR-SIMS and Fast Flow GDMS.  This has provided many opportunities to gain experience in new analytical approaches or experimenting with techniques that ultimately didn’t work out.  But in these failures, we often developed new and novel capabilities and furthered our understanding of existing methods.   

Whether in industry or in a university setting often there is a balance to resolve an analytical need while still working within a limited budget whether that be fiscal or calendar-based.  The MCL has a large offering of technical experience to help students learn but also to guide them in the proper design of experiments while also teaching the fundamentals of characterization of materials.  The MCL is also part of the development of new methods or techniques for understanding the next generation of materials.  It is just an exciting time to be part of this team.   


Materials Science, XPS, Auger, Dynamic SIMS and ToF-SIMS, GDMS, AFM, SEM.

Fun Facts

I seem to be following Jeff Shallenberger around and have been fortunate to work with Jeff in three of my positions.  Although originally from the West Coast, I am a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan after falling in love with the personalities of the team built by former coach Buddy Ryan. 

Contact Info

Phone: (814) 863-8408