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Intellectual Property

Industry Friendly Intellectual Property Policy

Our four principles of industry engagement are:

  1. Penn State will not seek to retain ownership of IP resulting from industry-sponsored research
  2. A new Sponsored Research Agreement has been created that will significantly shorten negotiation times and lead to greater success in finalizing agreements.
  3. Many research services for which Penn State is uniquely qualified to perform can be agreed to with a simple Research Services Agreement.
  4. For research funded through federal dollars, Penn State will provide a fixed-cost licensing option at the time the agreement is executed. This is a completely new process that will give industry time to assess the commercial potential of the IP.

Industry Friendly IP Policy

Penn State's new approach to managing IP means that the University will no longer seek to retain IP developed from industry funding.

Penn State's Vice President for Research announces change to IP policies in a letter to Prospective Sponsors of Research

Technologies Available for Licensing

The Office of Technology Management has descriptions of over 650 technologies that have been patented through The Penn State Research Foundation. Search Penn State technologies available for licensing.